Tax consulting

What problems or mistakes to avoid if you hire a tax consultant?

With time and quality through tax consultant can save you time and money by:

  • pay as much tax as needed
  • reduce tax risk
  • make sure to eliminate systematic error
  • take care of the technical management of the tax process and
  • arrange correcting mistakes from the past

What are our main advantages in the field of tax consulting?

Our company has a long tradition in the field of tax consulting. Its director mag. Ivan Simič was selected nine times in a row as the best tax expert among users of the web portal Tax-fin-lex, the function will be exercised by the General director of the Tax Administration in Slovenia and Serbia, and in 2013 he was selected as the best tax consultant in Central and Southeastern Europe. We had more than 2400 cases, which are entrusted to us by customers, which we constantly return. Our work is distinguished by timely and quality service, personal approach and dedication to work.

Our driver is »satisfied customer«, for which we take care of:

  • our diverse expertise and skills
  • comprehensive and in-depth treatment of clients and their cases
  • with regular training of employees
  • with short reaction time
  • efforts to simple and efficient solutions

What is the scope of tax consulting?

We offer a wide range of services which include:
  • representation in tax procedures
  • with you or for you to attend meetings at the Tax Office
  • preventive tax reviews
  • Consultation on the tax aspects of the planned transactions
  • preparation of expert reports on transfer pricing
  • manufacturing services of bench mark analysis from the Amadeus database
  • tax planning
  • checking of calculations after tax decisions
  • help prepare tax returns and settlements
  • advice on international operations
  • cooperation with foreign institutions (banks, financial offices, …)
  • regulating the status of tax residence
  • rescue current fiscal dilemmas
  • help in transforming the status of entities
  • training of employees in companies of tax rules, updates, …
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Which areas are covered by tax consultants?

We offer our assistance in the following areas:
  • tax corporation
  • income tax
  • value added tax
  • the tax on property of uncertain origin or unexpected income
  • tax on inheritance and gifts
  • tax on real estate
  • property tax
  • tax on insurance transactions
  • tax on financial services
  • motor vehicle tax
  • tax on watercraft
  • a tax on winnings from games of chance
  • compensation for the use of building land
  • International taxation

For whom the tax consulting is meant for?

Tax advisory services are designed for:
  • natural persons and private entrepreneurs
  • small, medium and large companies
  • foreign natural and real entities.
  • all other types of organizations (associations, institutes, cooperatives, …)